Dangers Of Mixing Ceramic Cleaning Liquid

Cleaning the house is one important thing to do. Having a clean home environment can certainly maintain family health to avoid various diseases. One of the activities to clean a house that has never escaped is mopping the floor. Mopping the floor routinely is done because the floor area is the area of ​​the house that is easily affected by stains or dirt. Not only using a cloth or wet mops, not infrequently many people mix it with floor cleaning soap. Although there are already many brands of floor cleaners on the market, it seems like mixing the ingredients themselves is still often done for floor cleaning agents. Especially if the floor is made of ceramic. In fact, with Tile Cleaning The Hills you can quickly clean ceramics in your home learn more here.

Did you know that mixing liquid floor mops and bleach to mop the floor carelessly can trigger deadly gas? Often ignored and thought to have no serious side effects, formulas for cleaning floors or ceramics by mixing detergent with other cleaning fluids can cause serious problems. Detergent formulas, soap, and other cleaning liquids are components of chemicals. If mixed with carelessly, of course, it can have a negative impact.

It is important to note that mixing cleaning liquids can trigger toxic gases that can even cause death. There are several cases affecting housewives who are exposed to severe chlorine gas toxins. Mixing the chemical liquid can trigger a reaction of chlorine gas caused. Chlorine gas (chlorine) is a compound commonly used in the industry.
Chlorine gas is also highly toxic and was used during World War I. At atmospheric pressure and room temperature, the element chlorine is a gas with a yellowish-green color and has a distinctive odor like bleach.

Someone who is affected by this gas will react like severe coughing, breathing difficulties, chest and throat pain, nausea and vomiting and severe headaches. If exposed for a long time or in a confined space such as in the bedroom or the bathroom, the symptoms can be fatal.

This incident prompted the research center to remind the public, especially housewives to be more careful. It is recommended not to mix the two liquids while cleaning the floor or wall of the house at home.

Bleach containing Sodium Hypochlorite and floor cleaning liquid containing Hydrochloric Acid are the two main elements informing the toxic chlorine gas.

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