Things That Must Be Prepared When Planning To Work Abroad

Working abroad might be an option for some people because they can expand networking. In addition, there are many valuable experiences that they can make lessons and take them home to their home countries to share with many people. The important thing when working is communication. To expedite communication there, you must do a home page, because international language is the language that you must master. In addition, there are some things that you must prepare, such as:

# 1. Search for as much information as possible from now on
Look for the type of company that interests you, what types of jobs you are good at, in what country you want to work, how much you will get, how local customs, to what living costs you have to spend.
Here are some references that you can do to get information:

– Search for information from the Company’s website,
– Search for information from publications, both print and online
– Make personal contact with companies or ask colleagues or employees who have worked abroad.
– Find information when recruitment,
– Following the job fair website,
– Following networking events,
– Information from the University Website
– Contacting Government Agencies and Foreign Embassies

# 2. Complete the required documents
This is your weapon. Complete all necessary documents. Prepare all the necessary documents and support you. For example, completing legal immigration documents so that you become a legal workforce.

For example, making a passport as your identity while working abroad. And make sure you know very well the regulations that apply, from how to make a passport, type of passport, validity period and how to extend the passport later.

Complete other competency documents needed, for example:
certificate of competence such as a health certificate from a competent hospital a letter of agreement with an overseas company if you have been accepted as well as a type of work visa in your destination country.

When you cannot fulfill these conditions, let alone getting permission, immigration from the country of origin will certainly not give your permission to leave. Complete the documents, not to experience problems because of incomplete documents.

# 3. Make accommodation plans
There are companies that do facilitate your transfer process, but there are also companies that do not provide accommodation such as shelter and transfer processes. Prepare the accommodation needed, for example preparing a place to stay by considering the cost, distance, living environment and ease of transportation.