These Creative Ideas Can Help You Make Unique Carpets

Unique and beautiful carpet has always been one important element to add beauty to the interior of the house. Besides functioning to decorate the room, the presence of the carpet also makes the room more comfortable the hills carpet cleaning. If you find it difficult to reach unique rugs because of the high prices, maybe this is the right time for you to use your imagination and creativity to design rugs with your own hands. If you want to create unique rugs, you don’t have to learn carpet weaving techniques or how to make traditional rugs because you can make them simpler. Apart from that, if you need the best carpet cleaning service, we recommend you to call the trusted Carpet Cleaning The Hills.

In order to help you, here are some interesting ideas to inspire you.

Make Patterns With Stencils

If you have a plain old mat, you can renew it by decorating it using your work. Simply draw a pattern on the surface of the mat using stencil paint. The result you will get a stylish rug with a homemade design.

Colorful Lines

To make a soft and stylish rug, you can use a soft, thick fabric then fold it into an unusual carpet. Pad of colorful stripes fabric is quite easy to make. You can even make it with children.


Patchwork rugs are a very good recycling idea. Do not immediately throw away your clothes that are not used because you can make it a colorful carpet using only scissors and glue.

Woven Rugs

Another idea that is no less interesting to make unique rugs is to make woven rugs because of this one can be made easily.

Mats made from Jute and Water Hyacinth

Carpets from water hyacinth and hemp materials are very exposed because they are strong and durable. Water hyacinth threads are usually used to sharpen a cat’s nails. With water hyacinth yarn, you can also make stylish carpets of your own.

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