These Factors Might Damage Your AC’s Compressor

The compressor is the main component in the engine coolant. The compressor is a regulator of the circulation of Freon ac in the system by pumping the Freon ac flowing from the outdoor unit to the indoor unit and back to the outdoor unit aire acondicionado tijuana. AC compressor is damaged causing the AC unit does not work to produce cooling the room or in other words, the air conditioner turns itself off or the AC becomes hot. When it happens, you can call the best experts of aire acondicionado tijuana to repair your AC.

Compressor damage is caused by several factors, including:

Electric current and electrical voltage that does not comply with AC work standards

AC works at a standard voltage of 220 volts and the current indicated on the outdoor unit nameplate. Low or too high electrical voltage can cause damage to the compressor motor coil.

Lack of compressor oil

Compressor oil acts as a lubricant on the piston. If oil is reduced or exhausted due to freon leakage in piping installations or in condensers and evaporators will cause overheating on the compressor so that the motor coil will burn and overload be damaged due to high current loads. Oil filling also needs to be considered in order to use oil that meets the standards set by the factory.

Overpressure (Psi)

The standard pressure on ac split under 3 phase is 80 Psi. if the pressure exceeds its capacity, it will cause the compressor to be unable to pump, causing the coil to burn.

Freon circulation is hampered

Freon circulation can be hampered if there is dirt in the system or bending pipes or oil that rises to the system. Clogged circulation can be overcome by flushing, which is to enter the liquid Nitrogen or R11 into the system to remove impurities. If this method has not been overcome then replace the clogged part and usually occurs in capillary pipes

The age factor of the compressor

Compressors can wear or rust due to age. The wear and tear that occurs in the compressor can be known through the measurement of current and pressure in the AC pipes. Rusting on the compressor body can cause the compressor to leak.

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