Use Your Fake ID Wisely

Do you want to buy a fake id for your child?
You better think this wisely because this can make them buy liquor freely, especially if their appearance looks like an adult. Unlike adults, children’s organs have not been able to digest alcohol. Especially in children under the age of 15 years. When children drink alcohol, the impact can be felt in the short and long term. In the short term, children can poison alcohol to cause death. Whereas in the long term, there is the possibility of a child becoming an alcoholic.

To prevent children from drinking out of parental supervision, you are also obliged to provide education about the dangers of alcohol and teach you how to reject a friend’s invitation to drink liquor without parental supervision.
When children have started drinking alcohol, the development of vital organs in their bodies such as the brain, heart, heart, heart, and bones will be hampered. This is because alcohol in a child’s body will disrupt hormone balance. While hormones play a very important role in regulating various bodily functions of children, for example maintaining bone density. Don’t let your pity for children make their future ruined and irreparable because of their physical damage due to alcohol.
A number of studies have shown that children who have drunk alcohol since childhood are more susceptible to problems with alcoholism in adolescence and adulthood.
In addition, drinking alcohol before the age of 14 years tends to encourage children to do various bad behaviors.
For example, committing violence, using illegal drugs, or having free sex with multiple partners which makes them get other problems such as sexually transmitted diseases.
So, the direction and supervision of parents are very influential in shaping the child’s sense of responsibility when consuming alcohol.
This is also the reason children under 21 are not encouraged to drink alcohol.

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