Why Do People Prefer Emai Hosting?

For people who have a plan to start a business, email is important. Apart from being a means of communication with customers or partners, e-mail can also be used for access to some services provided by e-mail service providers. Email hosting is more profitable for businesses because it is certainly safer and can be adjusted to the wishes of the user. They can also set email validation according to their criteria to avoid spy or viruses. Here are some reasons for using email hosting instead of free email:

– There is an inbox settings feature

How to deal with hundreds or thousands of incoming emails? Paid email services have a solution for you. There you will get good organizing features. For example, you can easily find emails separated by a specified category, then there is easy access to read and reply to emails that may need to be replied to immediately.

– Avoid mistakes

Maybe the other party is sending an email to your company, and an error in writing the address occurred. You do not need to worry about this because it turns out other people’s emails will still arrive because paid email has a catchall facility. So you don’t need to worry about typos from other people who might be your clients.

For example, your company email is info@mahamerustore.com, then there is a customer who mistyped “typo”, for example, ingo@mahamerustore.com. It is certain that the email will remain in.

– Extra services

We see several paid e-mail services that already support many common application features such as webmail, pop3 and SMPT, IMAP, and push mail features for Blackberry users. It seems that the owner will be made easy in their use.

– Double email

When you register a free email, for each account you have only one email. If you want multiple accounts, you must re-register. Well, if on a paid email, on each account registration it turns out you will get 2 accounts at once. Later the use of 2 email accounts can be for their respective purposes.

For example, one e-mail address for transactions and services is aware of the customer. Then one more email for internal company needs both fellow employees and for recruiting new employees. To be sure there are still many advantages that are in paid email.

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