You May Try These Tips If Your House Gets Flooded Often

The best solution to the problem of flooding is moving house, choosing a safe area free of floods. But, it’s not that easy. Housing prices in big cities are exorbitant. Even houses in flooded areas are difficult to sell, and prices have dropped. On the other hand, perhaps you are already comfortable with the environment so lazy to move house. It can be quite problematic for those who love their current house. Additionally, if you want to end your water damage problems, you may call the best water damage restoration service near your area first call restoration crew.

If you are reluctant to move house but do not want to also get flooded. If this is the choice, what can be done is to get around and minimize the water that enters your home. How to? Here are tips from the experts:

Raise the living room

As a flood customer, the residents of the house would already know how much water is entering the house. Which rooms are often visited by floods? If the water is still low, below 50 centimeters, an effective step that can be taken is to increase the surface of the house to be taller. Raise the surface of the house above 50 cm. If funds are limited, you only need to raise the rooms that are affected by the flood.

Raise the surface of the terrace

Before raising the living room surface, the terrace surface also needs to be raised a few centimeters. From the terrace of the house to the living room is elevated by adding a few steps. The number of steps depends on the height of flooding that is often experienced by each occupant of the house. If it is less than 50 cm, three or four steps are sufficient.

Pay attention to the kitchen and stairs

Both of these exit access can prevent water from entering the house. Now the flood is below the surface boundary. So what is raised is only the room which allows water to enter from outside.

How about the other room? Other rooms do not need to be contested. Because, the surface of the living room and kitchen that has been raised can prevent the entry of water into other rooms, such as the living room (family room) and bedroom.

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