You Must Know This Before You Try To Unclog Your Sink

Whether in the kitchen or in the bathroom, the clogged sink is one of the most annoying problems at home. Even so, this problem can be overcome easily with the help of some household products and the right way. Pouring baking soda powder and vinegar into the drains in a clogged sink can help break the blockage. If this method fails, remove the mainstay tool: the plunger! In the meantime, if you need the help of a plumber, then don’t hesitate to call the best plumbing company near your area.

Use boiling water to overcome the clogged sink

IMPORTANT: Only pour boiling water into the drain if your sink pipe is made of metal. High temperatures risk damaging PVC plastic pipes.

Bring a pot of water to a boil, then slowly pour directly into the blocked duct. Be careful in doing this step because you are dealing with hot water.

Repeat several times until the source of the stopper dissolves. This method is often effective enough to deal with stubborn blockages, for example, due to piles of solid fat, hair and soap deposits.

Use a suction stick to overcome the clogged sink
Make sure you have the right type of suction stick for the sink. It’s best to choose a sink suction stick that has a smaller rubber bowl than a rubber bowl on a toilet suction stick.

Apply the gel to the mouth of the rubber bowl to get better tightness.

Fill the sink with enough water or about as high as a suction cup.

Place the suction cup in the drain hole.

Pump the suction stick quickly with the up and down movements repeatedly, then pull hard. Water should run out of the water channel.

Repeat this method several times until the stopper disappears.

Use commercial products to deal with clogged sinks

If the problem you are facing cannot be overcome by the two methods above, chances are your sink is clogged with more stubborn material. Before calling in a plumber to dismantle your drains, try the clogging products on clogged sinks that are generally sold. Before using it, read and follow the instructions for use on the packaging and take safety measures, such as wearing rubber gloves and mask nose and mouth cover.

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