Game Review – Barbie Super Model

Barbie Super Model is hands-down one of the most terrible games I have ever played. Entirely promotional, Barbie Super Model was released in 1992 for the Sega Genesis and the Super Nintendo Entertainment System. Game publisher Hi Tech Expressions really dropped the ball with this one, but who’s to say what they should and shouldn’t do for Barbie’s promotional money?
Storyline? What storyline? Barbie Super Model lacks any semblance of something that you could even begin to call a plot; utterly ridiculous. The basic premise in Barbie Super Model is that you aim to collect little floating hearts with the aim of seemingly spreading more love around the world and promoting this silly product, all while driving around in your Barbie-branded pink sportscar.

Bad GraphicsThe graphics in Barbie Super Model are pretty terrible; even for the Super NES. They are overplayed and environments span the entire screen with vivid and overly-vibrant colors that will turn you colorblind no matter your disposition. Further, everything has a brand or logo on it, so as to promote the brand further. Playing this game is like talking to a Mac user.

The audio in Barbie Super Model is no good, either; it’s rather repetitive and offers nothing in the way of environmental setting. Most of the music consists of clashy techno, and I eventually turned the volume off in favor of hearing the neighbor mow his grass.

The difficulty level of Barbie Super Model is nil; all you have to do is guide your silly little pink sportscar around and collect hearts. Not only is there literally no progression in terms of difficulty as you advance in levels, there’s no increase in fun.

Barbie Super Model is definitely in the top ten worst games of all time in my book. While the target demographic is certainly not my age group, I’d never let my kid play this game. This is one of the best examples of the beginning of the product-driven commercialized video game industry doing nothing more than promoting an already overly-popular product. Barbie Super Model gets a firm zero Kens out of five from me. Better game that I have been playing was Avakin life with far better gameplay graphics.

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