Narcos Cartel Wars – my honest review

I’m here to talk about the new game that has been pretty popular. It’s pretty good game and I mean, it has every single right to be because of the popular show Narcos that took the world by the storm as it showed how Pablo Escobar actually worked and how he got things done.

Now, Narcos Cartel wars is pretty cool game. It looks really nice, there a lot of cool things to do in the game and I think that’s probably why the game is such a hit, aside being able to play as the legend himself, Pablo Escobar. Game has a few different resources that you can use and generate to progress in the game (you can try these Narcos Cartel Wars cheats to get those resources even faster if you don’t have the time to wait) and to buy different things. You need money for shipping your products and paying your crew so they can protect you and also attack other members in the game.

With all that being said, the game can get a bit slow if you don’t have enough resources since you will need to wait, not only to get that resource but, also to wait out the current building or upgrading in your base which will happen often. You will often click on the building to upgrade it to make more or to store more. Later on in the game you will also get more people to join your crew and you will need to pay them more. The more you have, the more you produce and the more produce, the more protection you will need in order to keep your empire safe and sound.

Now, all in all, this game is pretty fun and it will be even more fun if you play it with your friends. Then you can either help each other or go competitive and try to be better than them. Game is free to play, it’s a freemium, you can get more done if you pay for some more special resources and you don’t have to if you are willing to wait for the time. Either way, it’s a good and fun game and you should at least try it to see how it goes.

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